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       In order to strengthen the company's corporate culture of "teamwork/collaboration/sharing", and enhance communication, exchange, and cohesion between departments. On August 14-15, 2023, the chairman led the company's middle and senior management to Shengsi Islands to carry out a unique team building activity.

       This group building activity has diverse forms and innovative content. On the first day, enjoying the sunshine and chasing the waves on the soft beach, my mood became particularly joyful and relaxed. Everyone played with each other during the game, and the mutual understanding and cooperation were closely connected. The harmonious and friendly figures of Chenxin people and a string of laughter were left on the beach.

       The next day, take a fishing boat to catch the sea and catch fresh fish, experiencing the wonders and grandeur of the sea. Amidst the ups and downs of the seawater, everyone helped and cared for each other, and the trust and unity among the teams suddenly increased, sharing the joy of harvest.

       This is a journey of intimacy between humans and nature, as well as a journey of spiritual interaction among the Chenxin people. Through this team building activity, it greatly stimulated the positive mentality of middle and senior managers, enhanced the unity and mutual assistance between departments, and deepened mutual understanding and trust among everyone.